Knee Strenghtening Exercise | SmartSole Exercise Insoles

Insoles For Flat FeetYour calf muscles are found on the back of your leg between your knee and ankle. They move your foot and ankle and help support your knee.

Try this knee strengthening exercise. Here's how you do it:

*Stand with your feet slightly apart, weight equally distributed, holding onto something solid for balance

*Rise up onto your toes lifting your heels as high as possible. Keep your body upright. Try not to bend forward.

*Hold for five seconds and then slowly lower. Repeat ten times.

SmartSole Exercise Insoles convert your everyday shoes and sneakers into toning shoes and relieve pressure on your joints & back. The built up arch support make these great insoles for flat feet and insoles for shin splints. and the gel insert in the heel strike absorbs shock and provides plantar fasciitis relief.

FitBalls Hand Exerciser alleviates repetitive strain injury from texting and typing. The three color-coded fitness and therapy balls of increasing resistance will strengthen and restore flexibility to your fingers, hands and forearms. It's a great hand exerciser and hand strengthener.

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