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Plantar Fasciitis is a painful condition characterized by a gradual onset of pain on the bottom of the heel near the inside of the foot. The pain is usually the most intense with the first steps in the morning or after periods of inactivity.

Effective treatment of plantar fasciitis means replacing abnormal stress on foot with healthy stress that will promote tissue regeneration. One method is to change the way you stand to take pressure off your heel

When you stand, shift your weight forward to balance your weight evenly between the front (ball) of your foot and your heel. The first thing this does is relieves compression under the heel. By shifting your weight forward you increase circulation to the heel. Injured tissue needs a good blood supply to repair itself.

Taking weight off the heel and placing it more on the forefoot also allows the toes and the front of the foot to engage the ground. This activates the muscles that run along the bottom of the foot and attach on the heel bone. Increasing the strength of these muscles is one of the key components of treating the condition.

When you walk, concentrate on pushing off with the back foot instead of reaching out and landing with a hard heel strike on the front leg.

SmartSole Exercise Insoles convert your everyday shoes and sneakers into toning shoes and relieve pressure on your joints & back. The built up arch support make these great insoles for flat feet and insoles for shin splints. and the gel insert in the heel strike absorbs shock and provides plantar fasciitis relief.

FitBalls Hand Exerciser alleviates repetitive strain injury from texting and typing. The three color-coded fitness and therapy balls of increasing resistance will strengthen and restore flexibility to your fingers, hands and forearms. It's a great hand exerciser and hand strengthener.

The Maxwell Seat posture corrector tilts your spine and pelvis upward relieving pressure and strain away from your lower back and hips while alleviating the pressure on the base of your spine.The Maxwell Seat is engineered to promote a stress reducing neutral body position that's a great posture corrector for women and men.


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