Midday Hand Relief | FitBalls March 03 2016

Your fingers must be exercised every day to help promote strength, flexibility and joint health. Exercising the fingers and hands encourages dexterity and agility, strength and coordination. A few minutes a day is all it takes.

Try this exercise:

Crumple a piece of paper and wad it into a ball in the palm of your hand. You can reuse the paper several times by smoothing it out after you’re finished. Use all of your fingers to crumple the paper. This exercises each of your fingers, improves coordination, and stretches and extends your finger muscles. You may repeat this exercise two to three times for each hand. Now repeat the exercise as quickly as you can, trying to make your fingers curl in faster and faster. This increases speed, agility, strength and coordination at the same time. Don’t be surprised if you find this exercise easier for your dominant hand than the other.

If you like squeezing paper, you might like to try FitBalls.

FitBalls Hand Exerciser alleviates repetitive strain injury. The three color-coded fitness and therapy balls of increasing resistance will strengthen and restore flexibility to your fingers, hands and forearms. It's a great hand exerciser and hand strengthener.

SmartSole Exercise Insoles convert your everyday shoes and sneakers into toning shoes and relieve pressure on your joints & back. The built up arch support make these great insoles for flat feet and insoles for shin splints. and the gel insert in the heel strike absorbs shock and provides plantar fasciitis relief.

The Maxwell Seat posture corrector tilts your spine and pelvis upward relieving pressure and strain away from your lower back and hips while alleviating the pressure on the base of your spine.The Maxwell Seat is engineered to promote a stress reducing neutral body position that's a great posture corrector for women and men.