Plantar Fasciitis & Shin Splints Stretch | SoleHealers

foot massager plantar fasciitis

This Stretch helps prevent plantar fasciitis by stretching your shins and arches.

Here's how you do it:

  • *Kneel on a mat with your toes curled under

  • *Sit back on your heels - If necessary, you can place a pillow between your heels and glutes

  • *Breathe deeply for 10 seconds. Then, point toes, and place your hands on the mat behind you. Then lean back as you attempt to lift your knees off the mat

  • *If your knees don’t come far up, it's OK. You should still feel a nice stretch in your shins and arches

  • *Hold for a few breaths, then release


SoleHealers™ is an innovative foot/leg stretching and massaging product that’s excellent for runners and anyone who works out. Great for plantar fasciitis and shin splints relief.

SmartSole Exercise Insoles convert your everyday shoes and sneakers into toning shoes and relieve pressure on your hamstrings, joints & back. The built up arch support make these great insoles for flat feet and insoles for shin splints. and the gel insert in the heel strike absorbs shock and provides plantar fasciitis relief.


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