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stretching for runners

Before a run, dynamic stretching will increase the power of your muscles and enable you to run further without pain. By including dynamic stretches as part of your warm up, you ease your body from rest into motion.

Dynamic stretching is where the joint and muscles are stretched through its full range of motion. It increases blood flow and joint mobility. These are active movements that are not held at an end position.

Try to mimic your dynamic stretching with your intended exercise. Walking, light jogging, skipping, side steps, and shuffles are all great ways to warm up for your run.

Static stretching is when you stretch a certain muscle to a point where you feel a pull and you hold that position for a period of time, usually fifteen to thirty seconds.  Avoid Static stretches before workouts.

Try these warm up stretching exercises before your next run:

High Knees:

As you run at a slow to moderate pace, bring your knee up above your waistline. This is easier if you hold your hands and forearms out horizontally from your body.

Power Skips:

While jogging forward, start to skip with the aim of jumping as high as you can on each skip. Drive one knee up as high as you can with each jump, and lift the arm opposite that knee up above your ahead as well. Try to keep the skipping smooth, and aim for height rather than forward speed

Straight-legged scissors kick:

Lie on your back and kick. Straight-legged scissors kicks prepare your legs for explosive movement, while "running" or "cycling" in the air warm up the whole suite of leg muscles.

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