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keto coffee creamer

Collagen is a protein, and a major building block of connective tissues in the body which include ligaments, cartilage, tendons, muscles, skin, and bone.

With Collagen Mojo with MCT Oil Powder, you can turn your morning coffee into a delicious superfood while balancing the effects of caffeine with protein, meaning you can stay energetic for a longer period of time.

Collagen may also be helpful for joint pain and injury healing. Many people include collagen in their diet to improve the elasticity of skin, such as wrinkle prevention, and to help with hair, skin, and nails. The human body does naturally create collagen, but it slows production as we get older, leading to dry skin, loss of elasticity, and more wrinkles.

Our hair, skin, and nails are a reflection of what’s going on inside of our body. Amino acids like those found in Collagen Mojo with MCT Oil Powder can be nourishing for hair and skin because it renews cells and provides more lubrication and elasticity.

Collagen Mojo with MCT Oil Powder is composed of premium ingredients, including hydrolyzed collagen peptides powder and high potency C8 and C10 MCT Oil powder. Our exclusive formula is designed to boost metabolism, burn fat, improve energy, support healthy weight loss, and promote lean muscle mass.