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Shin Splints Relief | SoleHealers

by Michael Brown | | shin splints | 0 Comments

shin splints

Shin splints are one of the most common injuries runners experience. It’s that nagging pain in your lower leg that can be the result of small stress fractures of the shin, extremely tight muscles or from overuse and repetitive stress.

If you have pain in your shins when you run, your first course of action is to avoid running on hard surfaces, reduce the frequency of your runs and your weekly mileage and warm up properly. Beyond those three things, stretching and strengthening the feet, lower legs, hips and core is your next alternative.

Try this exercise for shin splints relief:

Start standing with feet together and arms at sides. Rise up onto toes. Step with right foot landing heel first, rolling onto midfoot, then through to the toes and lifting back up onto toes as you step with left foot. Continue to take ten “rolling” steps then turn around and repeat back to start.

SoleHealers™ is an innovative foot/leg stretching and massaging product that’s excellent for runners and anyone who works out.  Excellent for plantar fasciitis and shin splints relief.

SmartSole Exercise Insoles convert your everyday shoes and sneakers into toning shoes and relieve pressure on your hamstrings, joints & back. The built up arch support make these great insoles for flat feet and insoles for shin splints. and the gel insert in the heel strike absorbs shock and provides plantar fasciitis relief.

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